Helping Your Choir To Sound Better

Helping Your Choir To Sound Better

Layman Leadership - Dr. R.M. Simmons

Layman Leadership - Dr. R.M. Simmons, Instructional book
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Laymen Leadership Instructional Book

       This publication is organized into six parts. Part One is an introduction that focuses upon Spirituality and Lay Leadership. Here, Scriptural references that can help to provide a theological framework for lay leadership are cited and four concepts of Spiritual Leadership are presented to the laymen.

       Part Two lists twenty principles of Leadership that laymen should keep in mind as they provide leadership in their respective church ministries. Part Three lists eight concepts about "The Leader" as one component of the leadership process; Part Four presents eight concepts about "Members" as a second component of the leadership process; Part Six gives miscellaneous listings for persons in lay leadership roles and presents a Questionaire that can be used for the evaluation of leadership.


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